Strong Performance – Developing Relationships that pay again & again

How do you get your foot in the door of large organizations if your firm is a small operation? I am describing how I have consistently gotten work with global companies…and continues to find ways to deliver value over time once he’s there. I also explain how to form such strong relationships that when key contacts leave the company, they engage you for projects with their new employer. And I share a unique question that I pose to clients to ensure they have listened to and understood what have said.

You’ll discover:

  • The secret to landing work in large organizations when you’re a small operation
  • How to turn a single assignment into 3 years of work in a big company
  • Why it’s important to build trusting AND memorable relationships with your internal champions
  • How to make your fee a non-issue
  • The power of connecting heart-to-heart with clients

AMC is an international consulting firm that serves the corporate and private sectors in two prime areas:

  • Project management of change initiatives
  • Facilitation and teaching to implement learning designs

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