AMC is an international consulting firm based in San Diego County, California with ongoing operations throughout the United States and Europe. We provide consulting, facilitation, e-learning development, and strategic project management. Our team aims to be a catalyst that helps others reach a new level of success and growth that they never thought possible. We want your projects to reach and surpass the goals that were set and we want your people to grow into their full potential just as much as, if not more than, you do. As a company, we believe being the best in the world is unimportant and that ideology is far too selfish to get the job done and accomplish our goals. Instead, we strive to be the best for the world and to foster and facilitate those businesses that will one day change the world.

We serve the corporate and private sectors in two prime areas:  project management of change initiatives, and facilitation and teaching to implement learning and e-learning designs created for multi-national companies.

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