Leadership/Management Style – Understanding

(Other terms: Converging, Pragmatist, Supporter, Relater, Considerate, Amiable)

Strong Expressiveness
Weak Assertiveness 
Seeks and tries out new ideas
Typically very practical
Down to earth
Enjoys problem solving
Can make decisions quickly (keeping team in mind)
Can get bored with long discussions
Likes to ask questions
Likes the practical application of ideas
Is good at integrating theories with practice
Is pretty good with getting things done (esp. in teams)
Likes to test things to get the right solutions
Have a harmionizing nature
Value acceptance and stability
Don’t like change
Like to create networks and support each other
Good listeners
Try to be inclusive rather than confrontational
Are concenred about other people’s feelings
Don’t mind showing emotions
Easy going, like to have fun
Use humor when appropriate
Typically friendly and sensitive
Like to get praised for good work
Very relationship – oriented (work & private)
Good at creating team harmony
Like to consider everybody’s input
Provides reassurance in difficult circumstances
Loyal support of others
Talkng others views and feelings into account
Strong team player
Prefer to avoid constructive conflict
Like to keep things constant
Keeping a long leash (sometimes too long)
Tendency to give in rather than defending own position
Very patient even in difficual circumstances
Know how to be tactful
Diplomatic communicator
Not a fan of quick adjustments
Interested to contemplate – not the one to take charge
Good active listener
Great ability to build trust
Works well and cohesively with others
Values personal relationships/friendships
Has a collaborative workstyle
Happy to take on tasks with lesser profile
wants to be convinced before changing
Tends to be helpful
Has a supportive nature
Likes to give without expectation of return
Rather likes to avoid conflict
Don’t like to be too close – prefer some physical space
Stays calm, even under stress
Don’t like people to be vague
Makes many efforts to be available and keep promises
Is very respectful of others
Can lose time in trying to create consensus

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