Leadership/Management Style – Methodical

(Other terms: Systematic, Analytical, Contemplators, Analyzer, Thinker, Assimilating, Theorist)

Weak Expressiveness
Weak Assertiveness
Controls emotions
Focused on accuracy
Prefers objectivity/objective results
Analytical in nature – like data, formulas, etc.
Likes to provide structure
Keep projects on track (with tasks, milestones, etc.)
Very detail- oriented
Makes decisions based on facts and data
Has tendency to ask questions
Come across as controlling
Can be seen as very critical, unforgiving
Might appear narrow-minded or stubborn
Don’t like to be rushed, esp. with insufficient info
Appear not very creatrive
Come across as emotionless and impersonal
Apply careful consideration to all the facts
Good at long term planning
Like to apply analysis (including tools)
Not very flexible
Slow decision makers
Mostly calm and rational
Likes to discuss/evaluate facts
Stays away from displays of emotions
Great at making/meeting/beating deadlines
Tends to focus at one thing at a time
Very well organized
Not comfortable taking risks
Wear contemporary, conventional clothing
Keep to themselves
Typically do not initiate conversations
Are very meticulous (i.e. note-taking)
Love statistics
Have a hard time letting go and having fun
Are not naturally social (don’t mind being alone)
Often found in engineering roles
Like to be nivited to participate
Excell in roles as assessor or analyzer
Value accuracy
Plan thouroughly
Don’t typically share personal matters
Thoughtful – doesn’t mind to contemplate big problems
Comes up with thrifty approaches/solutions
Likes to be right/correct
Able to assimilate disparate facts into coherent theories
Rejects subjectivity and flippancy
Likes to create theoretical models
Always very thourough
Has precise verbal skills
Likes to solve fact based problems
Is concerned about the quality of information
Pays attention to personal effectiveness
Likes to show intellectual abilities (data/transcripts)
Good at defining the problems of an approach
typically very patient
Prefers quantitative versus qualitative data

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