Leadership/Management Style – Methodical

(Other terms: Systematic, Analytical, Contemplators, Analyzer, Thinker, Assimilating, Theorist)

Decisive communicator
Like to speak directly to the facts
Does not normally stop to say “hello”
Often speaks quickly
Wants to be efficient
Does not mind to use loud voice/tone
Likes powerful exchanges
Comes across as formal/authoratative
Has an organized approach to communication
Is comfortable with eye contact
Likes to stick to business
Can be bold, bright colors, strong visuals
Happy to provide facts
Starts conversation with firm handshake
Get’s the topic to the point quickly
Shows confidence about self and topic
Does not mind to discuss options
Does not get too close to other people
Will not appeal to other’s feelings when talking/speaking
Like to use calendars and project plans and display them
Does not like messy, all over the place conversations
Wants to get to the bottom/root cause of issues
Wants to be short, not waste time talking things to death
Like to be in control of the conversation
Does not liket o get too personal in discussions
Easily goes for competitions and loves to win
Can take risks if convinced of the rewards
Does not like to wait the turn/bad listening
Can get impatient with others or groups
Unless convinced, does not appreciate others advice
Likes to argue until win is secured
Not interested in emotions/feelings
Sometimes overlooks details to make a point
Tends to never stop/workaholic

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