Leadership/Management Style – Energetic

(Other terms: Spirited, Promoter, Sozializer, Accomodating)

Strong Assertiveness
Strong Expressiveness
Displays emotions
Likes to tell stories
Maintains high energy level
Can give impuls to team to restart or keep moving
Like to latch onto a vision
Looks for a big picture to follow or create
Can motivate and inspire others
Likes to have fun/create fun environment
Acts spontaneously
Finds ways to rally the team/bring people together
Helps people develop new ideas
Likes to innovate/think out of the box
Not happy when not allowed to finish
Likes to try new things, even if they take time
Can have tendencies of manipulation
Not very detail oriented
Eager to get towards the goal/end result
Very focused on developing new ideas/forgetting limits
Not a quick decision maker
Prone to losse direction when fascinated with new idea
Not a friend of urgent problems and deadlines
Likes to generate excitement
Great story tellers
Prefers working in groups than alone
Very creative
Can excel in multi-taksing
Needs to be careful not to procrestinate
Feels comfortable in the role of Entertainer
Enjoys helping others
Can appear impulsive at times
Is talkative, expressive, not shy
Loves brainstorming
Is flexible
Does not like to be forced into narrow procedures
Can be intuitive
Can come across a flamboyant
Is typically optimistic and/or hopeful
Likes to celebrate (success and/or life)
Like to wear bright colors
Have an open nature and posture
Like to move conversations along/forward
Laugh easily and openly
Don’t mind talking about themsleves
Can appear self-centered
Are sometimes described as indiscriminate
Good in role of public relations representative
Can be successful in sales role
Don’t mind to act on gut-instinct

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