Leadership/Management Style - Dominant

(Other terms: Assertors, Direct, Controller, Director, Converging)

Strong assertiveness
Weak expressiveness
Good when someone needs to take charge
Good at managing emergencies
Good in getting people out when the house is on fire
Enjoys competition
Does not mind to work quickly and under pressure
Good in facing challenges
Afraid to loose control of a situation
Can be very pushy and dominating
Comes across as intimidating (especially under stress)
Drives performance very hard not realizing other styles
Not interested in emotions
Struggle with detailed planning approaches
Struggle with diplomacy and mincing words
Able to make quick decisions and stick with them
Happyto share opinions
Does not shy away from tough questions
Can appear abbrasive
Goal and milestone oriented
Works faster than others
Ambitious workers
Prefer efficency and being on time
Love power
Often not funny or humorous
Serious and focused – borderline stubborn
Ask strong questions, to the point, with no/few emotions
Solution oriented
Good at delegating (not focusing on details)
Well organized/ good organizer
Clearly separate business and private matters
Don’t mind providing specific options
Fearless, does not mind hurdles/obstacles
Results oriented
Likes to experiment with new ideas
Stick to business
Know and provide the facts
Dislike/hate messiness
Don’t like to waste time
Can get personal (not deliberately hurful)
Not afraid to take risks
Not concerned or interested in interpersonal issues
Logical thinker
Good at deducative reasoning
Fascinated by technology
Get bored ro frustrated with test cycels
Don’t like theory – want to go live/practical application
Comes across as impatient, even rushed

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