Communication Style – Understanding

(Other terms: Converging, Pragmatist, Supporter, Relater, Considerate, Amiable)

Is typically a good listerner
Likes to be helpful and offers help in conversations
Uses pesonal language that engages
people oriented and lets other participate in discussions
Is supportive and shows it when speaking
Typically calm when speaking or presenting
Speaks slowly and mindful of others ability to comprehend
Likes to have sufficient time to develop argument
Uses soft, measured tones and noise levels
Needs to get specific reqeust to prepare
Is patient communicator and tends to emphasize points
Speaks in a pleasant voice
Is measured in movement and body language
Like to have others available for questions/help
Like to touch things (not necessarily people)
Likes to be respeced and shows respect to others
Gentle but controlled handshake
IS good at problem solving when allowed to dsicuss details
Like to display accomplishments and relationship at work
Discusses and makes team decisions
Is big on temas and being with team members
Is great at listening to others and find common ground
Like mementos
Is great supporters of others and speaks on their behalf
Is comforting as a counselor
Can drag out discussion just to get consensus/harmony
Is well versed in building trust
Does not like to appear very opinionated
Shows care for others
Does not like others to be vague
Is reliable and steady, anchor in long term conversations
Rather wants to explore than be pushed to deadline
Does not like conflic and defending views
Does not like to be manipulated
Looks for harmony when communicating
Does not like it when others seem insincere
Can get emotional when exposed to deep issues
Can have trouble opening up
Has a resistance to change and doesn’t mind to tell others
Needs encouragement and support to reach goals
Likes to tell others what they want to hear

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