Communication Style – Methodical

(Other terms: Systematic, Analytical, Contemplators, Analyzer, Thinker, Assimilating, Theorist)

Uses detailed, precise language
Is prepared for presnetations or speeches
Avoids/shy’s away form emotions
appears very accurate in descriptions
Focuses on details, data, information
Likes to provide evidence for facts/arguments
Has an even, focused delviery when speaking
Focuses on specifics
Keeps speeches/announcements brief
Does not like to be vague
Does not use a lott of vocal variety (tone/inflection)
Is good in using refernces and testimonials
Can appear to have a poker face/hard to read
Can appear very critical about others
Avoids physical contact
Has a hard time developing deep relationships
Bodylanguage appears very controlled
Is not a fan of working in a team
Displays a strong sense of personal space
Needs documented proof and wants to describe it
Loves to show graphs, charts, statistics
Loves to win argumetns and in discussions
Prefers an organized, clean environment
Has a very good memory and uses it in debates
Produces very precise presentations
Is very thourough when developing arguments
Speaks very efficiently – only what’s needed
Very good at critical thinking and aplplying it in speeches
Can get hung up on minute details
Likes to ask questions to get more data
Does not like to speak about self/personal things
Tend to use closed-ended or factual questions
Does not use muhc tone ondulation/change in voice
Not interested in emotions
Pays most attention to accuracy
Can come across as impersonal
Tends to delay decisions till all facts are known
Typically speaks from a perfectionist perspective
Diplomatic to avoid affirmative statements/decisions
Uses structured/organizaed approach to speaking

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