Communication Style – Energetic

(Other terms: Spirited, Promoter, Socializer, Accomodating, Expressive)

Likes to be creative
Tendency to generalize when talking
Can appear to be loud
Typically very persuasive
Often pretty playful
Verty quick in expressing opinions
Like to talk about relationships
Can get animated (using hands/body when speaking)
Asks question to receive recognition
Natural ability to use inflections, change tone of voice
Have a vivid imagination
When fully engage the whole body talks
Not shy to express feelings when talking
Has an enthusiastic handshake
Full of excitement when speaking
When at work, often comfortable in cluttered spaces
Does like to allow socialization
Displayes personal slogans and mottos in work space
Offer incentives (also for listening)
Does not midn working close to others/be clsoe to others
Likes to ask for opinions
IS a great storyteller
Does not like to be patronized
Focuses on the big picture and likes to describe it
If willing to discuss alternatives
Prefers to work and be with other people
Does not like to have impersonal or totally fact based talks
Can work work quickly when energized
Happens to be flamboyan t
Buiolds strong relationships and networks
Appears playful to others
Can motivate otehrs and get them to follow
In some cases stories and speeches get really emotional
Can overlook the details others cherish
Enthusiastic communication style
Tends to exaggerate or agrandize
Can appear self-promoting
Tends to miss deadlines/procrastinate
Sometimes reacts impulsive
Not a good time manager (applies to speeches too)
Great entertainer

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