Innovation Mapping

Axel Meierhoefer, in partnership with Dr. Charles Savage, created an effective blended learning solution that allows for;

  • Alignment of executive groups around complex issues

  • Experiential visual collaboration as a learning technique

  • Group consensus-building approach that can encourage executives to tackle interdependent aspects of a problem for the purpose of finding solutions.

The use of innovation mapping in business training ensures that subject matters are easier for students to understand and it also incorporates the element of fun.

Developed in 2009, Innovation Mapping bears similar concepts to experiential visual learning but it goes several steps beyond. It makes for an awareness building exercise amongst groups of people that allows them to sync with each other and the domains they are seeking to master.

Initially, innovation mapping was designed for students in academic situations but now it’s delivered effectively to a myriad of learners from high school students to Ph.D. scholars to corporate employees attending training.

Using this workshop methodology, businesses are able to find the root causal relationships between their problems and the actions of their organization, gaining rich insight on how to formulate solutions in a holistic manner.

An Engaging Approach to Learning and Training

Today, AMC employs state-of-the-art hybrid learning methods designed to reduce the classroom time while delivering a superior result in terms of retention, engagement and action operability.

AMC's alternative classroom style combines highly effective student-teacher interaction and experience-based learning. This strategy has been met with much success, especially with adult learners in corporate settings. These innovations in facilitation have shown superior results to traditional methods that rely on lecturing. Because we engage learners with hands-on activities, our approach is relative to the individual and the circumstances. It meets them where they are which, in turn, fosters their most effective and valuable learning path.

We provide unique personalized services and tailored training needs to adults at each experience level in a variety of career fields. From tech-savvy students to students with limited computer literacy, we can find a solution to accommodate all learning styles and generational differences effectively and efficiently. We expedite the learning process so employees can immediately change their work behavior and team performance in order to become successful in achieving their company’s goals.