Our Team


  As managing director of AMC, Axel utilizes his decades of experience to specialize in four focus areas:

  • Project Management
  • Facilitation and Teaching
  • Learning Design and Implementation
  • Coaching

    Axel has worked as a facilitator and lecturer for universities in Europe and the United States. In addition to managing projects for corporate clients, He also co-developed "Innovation Mapping." Innovation Mapping is a discovery learning approach that is now being applied world-wide in the United States, Europe and India.

    Axel began his career as a German Air force fighter pilot. His final military assignment led him to the U.S. as a senior program manager charged with creating a multi-national aviation training facility in New Mexico. That was followed by three decades of executive experience in the IT industry and the founding of his first company.

    Axel holds a Bachelor's degree in Aviation and Management from Hamburg College in Germany, a Masters Degree in Organizational Management, a PhD in Leadership from Antioch University and he brings three decades of executive experience to his work. Axel is a certified Performance Coach, a Master Life Coach and holds a long list of other certificates related to learning, facilitation, and project management. He also has a long list of clients that spans from individuals all the way to Fortune 100 clients like Bayer Healthcare, State Farm, Boeing, Verizon, and Johnson & Johnson

Axel has most recently joined the advisory board for Rutgers.


    Rekhaa brings two decades of extensive business management and business operations experience, along with copious diverse roles such as training, facilitation, and business analysis just to name a few. Her strengths are far reaching and cover everything between providing business support and resolving conflicts to the training and hiring process and handling written communications.

    She is an Indian National with an ability to communicate to any level of the organization including executives, managers and staff. She manages all client interaction for Stilumsmart in alignment with the company’s goals, develops strategic relationships with partners and potential customers, she assists in the development of a strong pipeline of new customers and projects, and she works with different teams to implement business development initiatives.

    Having a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, she is currently acquiring knowledge in business analytics using SAS and R Studio. Her outstanding ability to multitask integrates well with her detail oriented personality and this allows her to easily organize and manage all levels of a project.


    Her help and input have been instrumental in the ground-up development of three companies in India. Two of these were training organizations. She finds human behavior and relationship studies fascinating and often writes snippets on the subject, and she has a passion for getting the details right. Her determination, spunk, and cheerfulness are all employed to make the “trains run on time”, ensuring a world-class service level.

    Being a communicative and social person, and always keeping an eye for potential opportunities, Rekhaa has successfully served clients with the full use of Social Media Management for the past year. In addition to five other languages, he speaks English fluently and she has travelled extensively on her client engagements all over India, Australia and the Middle East.

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